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Hourglass Pots - Cashmere


The Ferm Living Hourglass Pots and Planters are a grand gesture to your home and plants. Available in three sizes, these Hourglass shaped Planters give your plants an elevated stand and roomy container in which to spread their roots. Due to their unique hourglass shape, these pots can be used either way, allowing you to reduce or increase the height depending on your specific needs.

The Hourglass Pots work great as a set or alone.

The pots are made of blackened metal with a matte finish and have been treated to be suitable for outdoor use. Each pot features a drainage hole with rubber cap for both directions.

Also Available: Hourglass Pots - Black


Extra Small: 11.81"H x 8.27"D

Small: 17"H x 12"D

Med: 21"H x 16"D

Large: 29"H x 20"D

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-5 days

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