Ferm Living

Gale Candle Holder


Drawing inspiration from the dynamic flow of wind, the Ferm Living Gale Candle Holder reflects the swirling patterns reminiscent of a storm. Crafted from recycled cast aluminum, this artistic piece makes a striking addition to any space. Whether displayed alone or combined with another Gale Candle Holder, it brings a distinctive dimensional aspect to your decor.

Dimensions: Small: 5.2“H x 2.8“Dia  Medium: 10“H x 3“Dia Large: 14.8“H x 3“Dia 

Material: 100% recycled casted aluminum with black patina

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-5 days

Care Instructions:  Wipe with a damp cloth. This product has a delicate surface. Do not use an abrasive surface or chemicals for cleaning

Please Note:  Make sure to extinguish the candle before it reaches the edge of the candle holder. Never leave a lit candle out of sight

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