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Erode Candle Holder


Inspired by the way natural elements sculpt landscapes through the process of erosion, the intriguing Erode Candle Holder features a raw metal surface that will patinate beautifully over time. This candle holder has space for three candles, making it an ideal centerpiece while dining, or as an accent on a shelf or side table.

Dimensions: Black Aluminum: 8.27"W x 10.79"H x 3.19"D | Brass: 8.27"W x 10.79"H x 3.15"D

Material: 100% recycled casted aluminium with black patina; solid casted brass

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-5 days

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth. This product has a delicate surface. Please handle with care. Do not use chemicals for cleaning

Please note: Make sure to extinguish the candle before it reaches the edge of the candle holder. Never leave a lit candle out of sight

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