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Dal Piece


Made in collaboration with Norwegian artist Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng, the Dal Piece is both an intriguing sculpture and a functional home object. Crafted entirely from recycled casted aluminum, the unique Dal Piece features curvy, rounded shapes inspired by a mountainside in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway, where the slow trickle of water has eroded the hard rock and carved out a distinct stone cave with captivatingly curved walls.

Place the sculptural and sophisticated Dal Piece in any space of the home––indoors ––to let it challenge the boundaries between art and functionality.

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 7-10 days

Dimensions: 39.37"W x 18.5"H x 19.69"D 

Material: 100% recycled casted aluminium with black patina

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth. This product has a delicate surface. Do not use an abrasive surface or chemicals for cleaning.

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