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Catena Sofa - L100 Center Module - Check


The embracing, beanbag-inspired shape of Ferm Living's low-slung Catena Sofa is generously sized for all-out relaxation and coziness that embraces 'low living.' The name Catena is inspired by the catenary curve, a u-like shape that a chain or cable adopts when supported only at its ends, mirrored in the soft curves and top-stitched seams of the Catena Sofa. The module-based designs are made with innovative microcellular foam that ensures maximum comfort as well as durability.

Also Available: Catena Sofa - L100 Center Module - Louisiana

Dimensions: 42.52"W x 29.92"H x 42.52"D | Seat Height: 16.54" | Backrest Height: 13.39"

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 12-14 Weeks

Material: Fabric: Check. 30% wool, 20% acrylic, 15% cotton, 15% polyester, 10% linen and 10% viscose. Backrest/seat: PU foam with inner wooden structure and soft polyester padding. Feet: Polypropylene

Care instructions: Vacuum frequently on medium power. Remove wet stains by carefully dabbing with a lint-free cloth or sponge wrung in warm detergent-free water. If the stain remains, we recommend professional dry cleaning.

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