Ferm Living

Calm Kelim Rug - 200 x 300


The Ferm Living Calm Kelim Rugs reimagine age-old kelim craftsmanship, blending it with contemporary color palettes and designs. Crafted by hand, each rug boasts 100% wool yarn, individually dyed for unparalleled uniqueness. Woven on a 'Punja' loom—a time-honored technique—one of the oldest in existence, these rugs exude traditional charm. The Kelim weave yarns offer a distinctive, tactile texture, reminiscent of classic kelim rugs.

Also Available: Calm Kelim Mat, Calm Kelim Runner, Calm Kelim Rug - 140 x 200

Dimensions: 78.7“H x 118.1“W

Material: 100% wool

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 7-10 days

Care Instructions: Vacuum clean only

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