Ferm Living

Auran Pot


Introducing the Auran Pot by Ferm Living – a planter with a distinct, brutalist-inspired design. Its bold aesthetic is defined by an oversized saucer rim reminiscent of Saturn's rings. The intentional use of metal and sharp design elements creates a striking contrast with the soft, organic plants it holds, fostering a captivating conversation. Enhance your indoor greenery with the Auran Pot, harmonizing brutalist style with botanical grace.

Dimensions: Small: 8.3“H x 9.8"Ø Medium: 10.5“H x 12.8“Ø Large: 15.2“H x 12.7“Ø

Material: Galvanized iron, Powder coated iron

Shipping Info: Orders placed today ship late August

Please Note: We recommend using an inner pot. Recommended pot measurements: Small: 7.9"H x 5.9"Ø │ Medium: 10.2"H x 7.7"Ø │ Large: 12.6"H x 9.5"Ø

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