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Animal Hand-Carved Wooden Toy - Hippo


Ignite your little one's imagination and venture into the wilderness with the captivating Ferm Living hand-carved animal toys. Crafted meticulously from sturdy wood and lovingly painted by hand, these toys encapsulate the essence of their untamed counterparts. Each piece is intricately detailed with the distinctive features, whether it's the speed-inspired cheetah spots or the iconic zebra stripes.

Perfect for transforming any kids' bedroom into a wild safari, these toys are not just visually stunning but have also undergone rigorous toy testing, ensuring they meet safety standards for children aged three and up. Spark creativity and foster a love for wildlife as your young explorers immerse themselves in imaginative play with these beautifully crafted animal companions.

Dimensions: 1.97"W x 4.13"H x 5.51"D

Material: 100% aspen wood

Info: CE-tested. Suitable for children 3+ years

Care instructions: Wipe with a dry cloth

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-5 days

Please Note: As the piece is hand-carved and hand-painted, small variations may occur

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