Øya Dining Table


Designed in 1956, the Øya is a extendable dining table that was only made for one client, a true “one of a kind” product. Sigurd Resell designed Øya while being employed at Rastad & Relling Tegnekontor in Oslo. What characterize Resell’s design are the defined logical constructions where form is decided by function. The elegant elliptical shape of the tabletop is both classical and modern, with legs that strengthens this feeling with an oval to round shape. The Øya Dining Table comes with a center-support leg and can fit up to 4 extension leaves.

Eikund is a Norwegian company dedicated to producing high-quality and long-lasting classic designs all while sourcing materials responsibly and reducing CO2 emissions and toxic chemicals. 

Dimensions: 82.6"L x 43.3"W x 28.3"H | Extension Leaf: 23.6"L x 43.3"W

Materials: oak with oiled, white oiled, finish, oiled walnut

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 8-10 weeks

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