The name Unda comes from the Latin word for water and wave. Designer Matti Klenell designed the Unda for the restaurant and bar at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. The contrast between the functional form and mouth-blown glass in two colors ensures a visual and tactile feel. The carafe is designed to carry stacked Unda glasses. It's perfect for everyday use at home, or in a restaurant setting.

“I grew up around glass-blowing,” says Klenell. “I used to work extra in the glass studio as a kid, and it was hardly magical. All that talk of the white, flowing mass cooling into precise materiality – I mean: it’s hot, it burns! But I know the drill; I can go with the rhythm, and it’s fast and direct, not like assembling a puzzle, the way furniture design can be. Glass is a culture all its own, and when it works, the outcome is fantastic!”

“The ridge on the Unda glass gives you a tactile feel that surpasses the visual, and the V-shape makes them easy to stack without getting stuck," explains Klennel. "The ridge also indicates the suitable fill level of the carafe.”

Material: Mouth-blown glass

Dimensions: V3.7”Dia x 9.5”H | 40 fl.oz

Product Care: Dishwasher safe

Quickship: Ships in 1-3 days from our US based warehouse 

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