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Lasso Mirror - Round


Axel Bjurström minimized all elements of a traditional wall-hung mirror to the bare essentials, assembling them into a unified and functional design as part of the Losso Mirror series in collaboration with Design House Stockholm. The mirror is fastened to the wall with a rope that is threaded through two inserts on the back and then secured to the included knob.

“What more do you need than a rope, a knob, and a reflective surface to put a mirror on the wall?” asks Bjurström. “Just tighten the lasso somewhat around the middle of the glass, thread it through the inserts on the back and secure it to the wall with the knob, and you have a tactile contrast between textile softness and perfect metallic shiny glass.”

Rather than hanging the mirror as an afterthought with a wire, the attachment itself is what unifies the design. The rope appears to be thrown, just like a lasso, and then tightened and almost imprinted in the glass while the mirror remains flush against the wall. Even better, the rope gripping the glass can hold a note, card, or another kind of small reminder within view.

“It’s all about the materials: grained wood, a soft textile, and hard glass. I wanted to reveal all the opposites and bring them into a simple, perfect relationship with an organic expression,” says Bjurström.

Also Available: Lasso Mirror - Tall

Mirror: Glass in 4.7 mm.
Back Plate: Black powder-coated galvanized iron.
Rope: Nylon.
Knob: Solid oak.

Assembly Instructions

Dimensions: 19.7”Dia x 1”D

Product Care: Wipe with a damp cloth.

Shipping Info: Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery

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