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Bridge Tray


The Bridge Tray is designed to serve as both a tray and a small table. Bring it around the house and use it on the floor, outside in the yard, on a balcony, in bed, or on a table. Or, place it on the Bjork Pouffe, specially designed to fit the Bridge Tray.

Designed by Carina Seth Andersson, the goal was to create contemporary interpretations of a traditional Taiwanese lacquer art.

"I often work sitting on the floor,’ Andersson explains, "and I prefer not having to risk spilling things lifting a tray by the corner, or trip over protruding handles."

The finely grained oak plywood that evokes a finely crafted Scandinavian natural look.

Material: Mat oiled oak veneer

Dimensions: 16.54"W x 3.74"H

Product Care: Wipe with a damp cloth.

Quickship: Ships in 1-3 days from our US based warehouse

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