The Björk collection is based on a weft in wool contrasted with leather details. Wool is both soft and resistant to soiling thanks to its natural oils. The woven pattern is inspired by the black and white trunk of the birch tree (which in Swedish is Björk). The marbled effect is made by intertwining different colored wool yarns in the weft. 

All Bjork pieces are hand-woven and unique. The Björk rug comes in a mat, a runner, a medium size, and a large size.

“The birch, a tree that can be found all over Sweden, is my inspiration for the Björk collection,” says designer Lena Bergström. “The textile forms a beautiful surface in the home, as natural as stone or wood. To me Björk is like poetry, like a quiet whisper in the room.”

Designed by Lena Bergström, who also designed the Fields Rug.

Material: 100% Wool with Leather Edging

Dimensions: Mat: 28" x 51" | Runner: 32" x 99" | Medium: 67" x 95" | Large: 79" x 118"

Product Care: When cleaning we recommend using a qualified rug specialist. Small stains on wool may be removed with water.

Shipping Info: Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery

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