COOEE Design

Eve II Sculpture Earth


In collaboration with Stockholm based artist and designer Kristiina Engelin, Cooee's range of sculptures showcase the softer elements of the human body, created with a beautiful and natural, rough concrete material.

Available in a variety of colors and styles, the Cooee Design Sculptures are the perfect compliment to a wide range of styled homes.

The inspiration for the art work comes from Engelin's interest for art history and she lets the ancient anatomy emerge with a cubist form.

The sculptures´ characters such as the dreamer, thinker or simply the head let the spectator to vision what they could express and they also have names that mean something special.

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Dimensions: 9.65"H x 5.90"W x 3.94"D

Cooee Design is a family owned design company nestled in the woods of Southern Sweden. With design roots dating back to the early 50's, their iconic paper bin still sits in room 606 of the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen that Arne Jacobsen had designed, exactly how it was intended when originally designed.

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