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CH327 Dining Table


The Carl Hansen & Søn CH327 Dining Table was designed in 1962 by Hans J. Wegner, making the perfect example of the different and exciting designs that come from creativity combined with excellent craftsmanship. This solid wood dining table features softened edges and rounded legs that become narrower towards the floor suitable for use as both a dining table, a meeting table, or even a desk.

Shipping times vary depending on size/material. Please see lead times below.

The wood’s grains follow the tabletop's length, which is supported by 3 distinct rails. Underneath each of these, on each side, is a side rail that continues along the length of the table. Between the side rail and the tabletop, there is a space, thus giving the impression that the tabletop is floating. For support, there are two detachable legs at each end which are connected by a cross-stretcher. The legs and stretchers ensure the stability of the table transversely while the side rails do the same for the length. The side rails are joined higher at the table legs and more narrow between them to increase leg space for seating.

This 190cm/74.8” length can seat up to 6 people while the larger 97.6" length sits up to eight people. Both can be extended at each end with the CH327T Dining Table Leaf.

Carl Hansen & Søn is a Danish design company bringing visionary design concepts to life for over 100 years. It all started when Danish cabinetmaker Carl Hansen opened a small furniture workshop on the Danish island of Funen. Just as Carl Hansen did with his furniture shop, Carl Hansen & Søn continues to be committed to honest and sustainable practices, preserving Danish design classics while expanding their collection with new designers. Everything revolves around the belief that iconic design is "a combination of simplicity, aesthetics, and functionality brought to life through skillful work with the highest quality materials."

Dimensions: 74.8": 74.8"L x 37.4"W x 28.3"H | 97.6":97.6"L x 37.4"W x 28.3"H

Material: Beech, FSC®-certified Oak, Walnut Teak

Shipping Info:
Oiled Oak, White Oiled Oak, Oiled Oak/Teek: Typically Ships in 2-3 weeks
All other options typically ship in 6-8 weeks.

CH327 Dining Table Product Sheet

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