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AJ52 Society Table

$10,385 $21,460

Created in 1952 for the American-Scandinavian Foundation’s New York office, Arne Jacobsen’s elegant AJ52 Society Table is a fluid fusion of Bauhaus, functionalism, and industrial design.

The optional AJ52 Lamp Module is sold separately and provides a source of light and additional storage.

Arne Jacobsen’s AJ52 Society Table was conceived in 1952, at the peak of his career. Jacobsen harnessed new techniques and materials to create the slender writing desk, which features a fine-structured leather top that wraps tightly around a tubular metal frame. A conical desk lamp in brushed stainless steel is a seamless extension of the design, as is the glass-fronted, wood-and-veneer letter compartment. Beneath the table, a six-drawer unit, also in wood and veneer, is suspended from fine metal tubes – a feature that, together with the slim frame and solid-wood feet, contributes to the desk’s air of lightness.

The AJ52 Society Table comes in two sizes. The feet and drawers always come in the same type of wood and surface treatment. The drawers can be mounted on the left or right side of the table.

Carl Hansen & Søn is a Danish design company bringing visionary design concepts to life for over 100 years. It all started when Danish cabinetmaker Carl Hansen opened a small furniture workshop on the Danish island of Funen. Just as Carl Hansen did with his furniture shop, Carl Hansen & Søn continues to be committed to honest and sustainable practices, preserving Danish design classics while expanding their collection with new designers. Everything revolves around the belief that iconic design is "a combination of simplicity, aesthetics, and functionality brought to life through skillful work with the highest quality materials."

Dimensions: 55.1"/63"L x 27.6"D x 28"H 

Material: Leather tabletop, Stainless steel frame, Solid Wood feet, solid wood/veneer drawers

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 8-12 weeks

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