Form and Refine

Angle Standard Stool 45


The Form & Refine Angle Standard Stool is a multifunctional stool that fulfills all criteria for form, function, comfort, and longevity. Its seating base is ingeniously angled at 5 degrees on each side, enhancing comfort despite its compact size, rendering it an excellent seating solution.

Crafted for use in both home and commercial environments, the Angle Standard Stool is built to endure heavy-duty use, boasting a solid seat and robust legs capable of withstanding considerable impact. The Angle Standard Stool series embodies enduring materials, skilled craftsmanship, and practicality.

Made of Solid European Beech w/ matte lacquer or Solid Black-Stained Beech

Also Available: Angle Foldable Stool, Angle Barstool 65, Angle Barstool 75

Dimensions: 14.9"W x 12.7"D x 18.1"H

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 6-8 weeks

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