MuutoLoft Bar Stool - Batten HomeLoft Bar Stool


Loft Bar Stool

Loft ChairLoft Chair


Loft Chair

MuutoNerd Bar Stool - Batten HomeMuutoNerd Bar Stool - Batten Home


Nerd Bar Stool

MuutoNerd Chair - Batten HomeMuutoNerd Chair - Batten Home


Nerd Chair

MuutoOslo Bar Stool - Batten HomeMuutoOslo Bar Stool - Batten Home


Oslo Bar Stool

MuutoOslo Lounge Chair - Batten HomeMuutoOslo Lounge Chair - Batten Home


Oslo Lounge Chair

MuutoOslo Side Chair - Batten HomeMuutoOslo Side Chair - Batten Home


Oslo Side Chair

From $885
MuutoOslo Sofa Three-Seater - Batten HomeMuutoOslo Sofa Three-Seater - Batten Home


Oslo Sofa Three-Seater

From $4,395
MuutoOslo Sofa Two-Seater - Batten HomeMuutoOslo Sofa Two-Seater - Batten Home


Oslo Sofa Two-Seater

From $3,449
Outline 2-Seater SofaOutline 2-Seater Sofa


Outline 2-Seater Sofa

From $4,195
Outline 3-Seater SofaOutline 3-Seater Sofa


Outline 3-Seater Sofa

From $4,595
Outline ChairOutline Chair


Outline Chair

From $2,949
Outline DaybedOutline Daybed


Outline Daybed

MuutoPlatform Tray - Batten HomeMuutoPlatform Tray - Batten Home


Platform Tray

MuutoPly Rug 200 x 300 - Batten HomeMuutoPly Rug 200 x 300 - Batten Home


Ply Rug 200 x 300

MuutoPly Rug 270 x 360 - Batten HomeMuutoPly Rug 270 x 360 - Batten Home


Ply Rug 270 x 360

MuutoPly Rug 400 x 400 - Batten HomeMuutoPly Rug 400 x 400 - Batten Home


Ply Rug 400 x 400

MuutoPly Rug 80 x 200 - Batten HomeMuutoPly Rug 80 x 200 - Batten Home


Ply Rug 80 x 200

MuutoPly Rug 85 x 140 - Batten HomeMuutoPly Rug 85 x 140 - Batten Home


Ply Rug 85 x 140

MuutoPost Floor Lamp - Batten HomeMuutoPost Floor Lamp - Batten Home


Post Floor Lamp

MuutoPull Floor Lamp - Batten HomeMuutoPull Floor Lamp - Batten Home


Pull Floor Lamp

Raise CarafeRaise Carafe


Raise Carafe

Raise Glass Set of 2Raise Glass Set of 2


Raise Glass Set of 2

From $55
Relate Side TableRelate Side Table


Relate Side Table

From $549
Relevo RugRelevo Rug


Relevo Rug

From $1,549

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Our collection is a rich embodiment of these 'new perspectives', presenting everyday objects transformed into unique pieces of craftsmanship. Whether it's the chic lighting fixtures with their seamless combination of functionality and aesthetics or the innovative chairs that demonstrate a profound respect for materials and space, every piece in the Muuto Scandinavian Furniture Collection tells its own story.

Under the visionary leadership of Peter Bonnén and a dynamic team of the brightest design talent, Muuto aims to challenge the conventional and redefine the boundaries of design. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering passion for creating exclusive pieces, Muuto delivers designs that breathe new life into your spaces.

Everything we do is driven by our passion for Scandinavian design and the desire to offer a new perspective on this timeless aesthetic. This collection features a wide array of items, including lamps and other lighting elements that effortlessly integrate form and function. Each piece is designed to inspire and create a distinctive sense of space.

The Muuto Scandinavian Furniture Collection inspires through modern design that explores the full potential of materials, craftsmanship, and innovative thinking. Every piece is a testament to Muuto's commitment to creating new designs that truly reflect a new perspective. With items designed by young, forward-thinking young designers like Tom Chung, the collection is always evolving, always growing, always surprising.

The name Muuto is more than just a brand – it's a statement of our intention to reshape the world of home design. By fusing elements of the traditional Scandinavian design tradition with modern twists and technologically advanced manufacturing techniques, Muuto rejuvenates the design scene with a fresh, exciting outlook.

Combining the finest craftsmanship with the latest in design innovation, our collection offers a unique range of home accessories that are certain to invigorate your home. Dive into the world of Muuto, and let our designs inspire a new perspective.

The Muuto collection invites you to explore the world of Scandinavian design from a new perspective. Redefine space with the help of our modern Scandinavian design collection, celebrating the brightest design talent and the beauty of fresh ideas. Embrace the Muuto aim of creating and inspiring with everyday objects, where age-old craftsmanship meets modern design.

Welcome to Muuto, where new designs and perspectives meet in a perfect fusion of form, function, and detail. Welcome to the epitome of Scandinavian design.