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Ferm Living's collection is defined by "soft forms, rich textures, and curious details that let you create composed atmospheres with a touch of the unexpected."

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About Ferm Living

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Founded and headquartered in Copenhagen, ferm LIVING fuses a Scandinavian design mindset with global skills and traditions, working with artisans around the world to offer a wide selection of furniture, accessories, lighting, textiles, and so much more tailored for the Scandinavian lifestyle. ...

Founder and Creative Director Trine Andersen founded ferm LIVING when she couldn't find a wallpaper to fit her taste. She then made 10 different wallpaper designs, which she then applied to exhibit at a trade fair in Denmark. Though she couldn't afford to manufacture all ten wallpapers, Trine Anderson made her mark at the trade fair with just one wallpaper and a handful of printouts. Since then, the company collection has expanded to include a range of designs for all rooms in the home. Despite the company expansion, ferm LIVING's values have remained consistent:

"Most important to me, however, is that ferm LIVING reflects a set of values that we can be proud of. Our biggest ambition is, and has always been, to inspire people to create the kind of space that makes them feel comfortable, that allows them to be themselves in their own home. A home, after all, is much more than a collection of beautiful objects – it’s the place where life happens."

The brand employs a variety of materials for its production; however, wood stands as a primary medium, reflecting the deep-rooted love in Scandinavian design for natural, warm elements.

ferm LIVING's View on Responsibility

Another important value for ferm LIVING is sustainability. Through their range of furniture, accessories, lighting, textiles, and more, ferm LIVING intends to inspire customers to make responsible choices. The company mindfully selects materials, production processes, and delivery methods that put people and planet first.

"At ferm LIVING, we celebrate the contrasts in life. We want people to feel confident in the choices they make as they create space to live more sustainably. In the search for balance, it can be difficult to navigate good and bad, right and wrong. As a design company, we see it as our responsibility to lead the way – to inspire change and help all of us make responsible choices."

ferm LIVING's 2030 commitments for responsibility include goals to preserve the future for the planet, for all of society, and for ferm LIVING employees. Every day, ferm LIVING works to provide full transparency on every single product.

ferm LIVING's Design Philosophy

Here's a look at ferm LIVING's design philosophy, heavily impacted by Scandinavian design ethos with sustainability at the center of it all:

"We want to inspire people to live a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle. To us, this means buying less, buying better and keeping things in use for longer. Therefore, we design to create products that last both in terms of function and aesthetics. With a passion for authentic design and clear functionality, we create high-quality products, made from responsible materials and with a lasting aesthetic appeal. We take a holistic approach to sustainability and weave responsible thinking into all corners of our business."

ferm LIVING Wallpapers

The brand got its start in quality wallpapers, and continue to stock them and ship around the world. All designs are printed ferm LIVING's signature WallSmart wallpaper, a non-woven fleece wallpaper it is designed to be easy and efficient to hang.

Inspired by the Art Deco aesthetic, the Lines series is one of the most popular designs, used in bedrooms, living rooms, and even commercial spaces.

The Confetti series, well suited for kids' rooms, bedrooms, or living rooms, works beautifully on all four walls or as a statement wall, depending on how much magic you want to add to a space.

ferm LIVING collaborated with British illustrator Katie Scott to create a series of wallpaper designs that are rich in detail and highly graphical. The illustrator is known for her illustrative work of animals, evolution, and the fantastic world of botany, which can be seen in all of the designs.

ferm LIVING Furniture

ferm LIVING furniture features a range of soft shapes formed of natural materials, primarily wood, as other mindfully sourced materials for comfortable home living. ferm LIVING continues to add new designs each year, all with consistent quality.

The ferm LIVING Insert Side Table is a sculptural, visually appealing side table crafted from a beautiful solid ash wood. The contrast of the heavy cylinder base with the light oval top makes the table a functional piece of art for the home.

The ferm LIVING Plant Box is one of the most iconic pieces of furniture from the brand. Though originally designed for plants, the Plant Box is a versatile storage solution that can be customized with its accompanying range of accessories including trays, storage boxes, and even interior plant boxes. Made with powder-coated steel, the ferm LIVING Plant Box works great in entryways, as bedside tables, for art supply storage, in the kitchen for herbs, or with your favorite books and decorative items––the options are truly endless.

Originally inspired by Japanese minimalism, the ferm LIVING Distinct Side Table explores the creation of complex structures based on a single element. The minimalism of its construction creates a contrast to the richness, textures and colors which reminds us of an abstract Neoplasticism and accentuates the overall composition of the side table.

ferm LIVING's range of functional design objects includes vases, sculptures, glassware, mirrors, kitchenware, and so much more. Some of the most popular pieces include the Ripple Glassware collection, the Pond Mirror series, the Hourglass Plant Pots, the Ceramic Basket, and the Shell Pot.

ferm LIVING has so much to offer for every single room in the home in every way, shape, and form. Explore the stock to discover designs specially tailored for a kids' room, striking glassware for entertaining and everyday life, cozy furniture for relaxing and gathering, soft textured cushions for lounging, and so much more.