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NM& Sand Tableware


Visit the NM& restaurant at National Museum in Stockholm and find tables topped with Sand dinnerware. Made from high-fired stoneware in a soft and natural sandy shade, the food you serve becomes the focal point. The matte structure exploits the play of light on the surfaces. 

Each piece features a laser-engraved NM& logo. This stoneware series is designed to coordinate with the Sand Secrets series, also designed by Carina Seth Andersson. 

View the full Sand Secrets series here.

The shapes and finishes are soft and each piece can be used in several ways — the cup without a handle could just as well be a bowl, the bowl could be used to serve soup or serve as a dish. “It’s a bit mismatched, but it still fits, it doesn’t all have to look exactly the same to work together," says Andersson. "The forms are what binds the dinnerware together, and there is something very Scandinavian about that." 

Carina Seth Andersson is celebrated for her distinctive and purposeful objects in glass, ceramic, and sometimes textiles. Her approach to design focuses on scaling back to find the balance between simplicity and meaningful form to create objects that are timeless. 

Material: Nature-colored stoneware

Dimensions: Vary based on each piece

Product Care: Microwave and dishwasher safe

Shipping Info: Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery

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