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The design won various accolades during its time and even found a place in the Swedish National Museum, testament to its enduring appeal. The innovative design serves both as a museum shelf and commercial shelf space. It’s more than just a set of shelves, but a portrayal of the timeless expression of art itself, a tribute to the beauty of minimalist design. In each string, shelf resonates the intent to produce high quality furniture that stands the test of time.

The String System also stands out for how much weight it can bear despite its lightweight design. It is not just about allocating more units into a confined space but arranging them in a way that makes sense aesthetically and functionally. It adheres to the belief that space and functionality are equally important when producing high quality furniture, a mantra that String Furniture has always lived by

The flexibility and scope of the String System is impressive. String offers a broad works assortment of shelves, magazine shelves, folding tables, and cabinets to configure according to personal preferences. With Batten Home, String ensures that while you find more shelf space, you also find a piece of history. A piece of the original architects, the vision they saw, the legacy they left behind. Reimagining space was never this easy, thanks to String Furniture, and its timeless and practical solutions.