Louis Poulsen

PH80 Floor Lamp


Poul Henningsen designed the three-shade system back in 1925-1926. The first lights using the system were designed by PH in cooperation with Louis Poulsen for an exhibition in Paris. This partnership continued up until his death in 1967. Throughout his life, Poul Henningsen sought to create glare-free light, direct light where it was most needed, and create soft shadows, using incandescent bulbs as a light source.

The PH80 Floor Lamp is based on the same three-shade design made famous by Henningsen and is made from an opal acrylic. The top shade is red to provide warm and atmospheric lighting, also available in a black or white finish. The light model number does not refer to the top shade diameter as is normally the case with the Louis Poulsen PH designs but created in 1974 after the designers death to mark 80 years since his birth – hence the name PH 80.

A21 Bulb, 100 Watt Max required

Dimensions: 21.5"Dia x 51.7"H, 12.3"

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 3-5 days 

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