Ray Floor LampRay Floor Lamp


Ray Floor Lamp

From $1,825
Ray Table LampRay Table Lamp


Ray Table Lamp

From $1,400
Ray Suspension LightRay Suspension Light


Ray Suspension Light

From $1,300
Overlap Pendant LampOverlap Pendant Lamp


Overlap Pendant Lamp

From $3,125
Oblique Table LampOblique Table Lamp


Oblique Table Lamp

From $450
KTribe Table LampKTribe Table Lamp


KTribe Table Lamp

From $950
Foglio Wall SconceFoglio Wall Sconce


Foglio Wall Sconce

From $400
Frisbi Pendant LampFrisbi Pendant Lamp


Frisbi Pendant Lamp

From $720
Diabolo Pendant LampDiabolo Pendant Lamp


Diabolo Pendant Lamp

From $1,145
Coordinates SuspensionCoordinates Suspension


Coordinates Suspension

From $2,440
Bon Jour Table LampBon Jour Table Lamp


Bon Jour Table Lamp

From $755

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Here's a statement from FLOS that accurately describes the company's mission and passion:

"At FLOS, we craft edgy, new languages of light and have been doing so for nearly 60 years. We aren't just another lighting company. We're a cultural one. We're boundary pushers. Merging technology and emotion, we integrate light into architecture and nature bringing a sophisticated, poetic sensibility to all that we do. Taking the long view, we create sustainable and timeless lighting fixtures, each of which we refine to its truest essence."

As a cultural lighting company, FLOS has prioritized designer collaborations since its founding in 1962, with exclusive designs that paved the way for the industry. Let's walk through some notable FLOS designers and their iconic designs––it's the perfect introduction to FLOS!

Notable FLOS Designers

While these design icons have such diverse approaches to design, they all share the idea that lighting can be treated like design objects––meaning they can add to the aesthetic of a space while providing high function.

Philippe Starck

"Subversive, ethical, ecological, political, humorous...this is how I see my duty as a designer."

Philippe Starck is the designer behind the Bon Jour Table Lamps (including a portable option), the Miss K Table Lamp, the Romeo series, the KTribe series, and more.

When you look at the transparent version of the Miss K Table Lamp, it feels like you’re looking at an x-ray of a lamp thanks to its transparent design. The bulb is included, offering a diffused light glow that is fully dimmable.

"I am in love with Gandini family since ever and especially now with Piero Gandini who gives us, designers, the opportunity to be free in our creativity, with updated technology and highest quality," explains Starck when asked about his choice to work with FLOS. "But the first reason is we laugh a lot together."

The Castiglioni Brothers: Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

"If you are not curious, forget it." - Achille Castiglioni

The Castiglioni brothers––Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni––are an Italian design duo that expressed a passion for industrial design early on. Both brothers studied architecture. As the older brother, Pier Giacomo established an architectural practice with his brother Livio, which Achille then joined in 1944. When Livio left in 1952, Achille and Pier Giacomo worked together as a design duo up until Pier died in 1968. The Italy-based duo were considered pioneers of Italian design.

Their designs––which included the Arco Floor Lamp, Gatto Table Lamp, Snoopy Table Lamp, Taccia, Toio, Viscontea, and Taraxacum––were instrumental in defining the playful intelligence of Italian lighting design.

The Snoopy Table Lamp, originally debuted in 1967, was reintroduced in 2003 with updated technology that stills honors the original design, which featured an enameled metal reflector and a white Carrara marble base. The 55-year-old design manages to be both playful and sophisticated.


After his brother's death, Achille continued to innovate with designs including the Parentesi and Lampadina. Today, you can find 14 of Achille's pieces at New York's Museum of Modern Art, and Pier's can be found in museums around the world. Achille died in Milan, Italy, in 2002, the same city in which he was born back in 1918.

Jasper Morrison

"Flos was always the company I wanted to design for," remarks Jasper Morrison. "They had so many great designs of Castiglioni and others. Then when Piero Gandini took over and started to mix the classic design approach with something more disruptive it got an edge that made it even more appealing."

Jasper Morrison is the designer behind Superloon, the Glo-Ball series, and the Smithfield pendants. Morrison is influenced by classic Danish design, buying a lot of Danish design furniture for his own home, with a mix of old, new, bought, and found.

Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades is the designer behind the IC Lights, Copycat, Captain Flint, and the Coordinates series.

The IC Lamp series embraces the beauty of the sphere in multiple variations. There’s a pretty cool story behind the design of these modern table lamps; Anastassiades was heavily inspired by a video clip of a contact juggler. He loved seeing how the juggler was able to spin and move a set of spheres around his body. His intention with the IC Lamps was to capture a moment in which the spheres seemed to be frozen in place. Each lamp emits a warm and beautiful diffused light, with a dimmer on the power cord. There are several body options: brass, chrome, red/burgundy, or black.

"Years ago, I decided to start producing my own designs as a way to realise my ideas without compromise," explains Michael Anastassiades. "A few years later, I started working with Flos. I never thought that I could do the same for someone else."

Anastassiades has a unique approach to design:

"When designing a light, I think it’s important to acknowledge that it can never be an isolated object but one that interacts with its environment. I believe that it is only after embracing all conditions that you can start designing. Light exists in so many beautiful dimensions in nature. I would consider myself lucky if I could capture just one of those moments."

Antonio Citterio

In a Q&A with FLOS, Antonio Citterio, the designer behind the Kelvin LED series of task lamps, is a man of few words. He knew he wanted to be a designer since the ripe age of 13, and we love his contributions to the FLOS collection.

Tobia Scarpa

Tobia Scarpa has been around since the earlier days of FLOS:

"I remember Sergio Gandini well...Over time we were able to work together, upholding the image of Flos which was gaining strength around the world."

Scarpa is the designer behind the beautiful Biagio and Foglio lights––here's a look at his take on lighting design:

"For me, artificial lighting is an instrument that keeps ousting you at every step of your life, always changing something. However, this just represents the pleasure of playing – the lighting is therefore the space for playing."

We love Scarpa's playful approach.

Fulfilling the company mission, FLOS has collaborated with many more industrial design icons over the years, including designers Piero Lissoni, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, and Cesare Cassina. Browse through the entire FLOS collection to discover the perfect solution for your house or business.