Danish Design In Motion: Flensted Mobiles

The story of mobiles that started with a stork

As a family-owned company, Batten Home is all about pursuing authentic Scandinavian designs that we love and live with every day. We discovered Flensted Mobiles when seeking out thoughtful furnishing for our baby Nova’s nursery. The Danish company’s beautiful series of mobiles were a perfect addition to our collection.  

The Flensted Mobiles Story

The Flensted Mobiles story started with a stork.

In 1953, Christian Flensted cut out three paper storks, assembling them with two straws to celebrate the christening of his daughter Mette.

Only a year after her christening, Christian formed Flensted Mobiles. In the early years, the dining table of their family apartment was their workplace and stock was stored under the sofa. Each mobile is formed by hand!

In 1956, the family returned to their native Danish island of Funen, setting up home and shop in a farmhouse with an adjoining workshop. Nearly 20 years later, they expanded to a former schoolhouse.

In the early 1980s, Christian and his wife Grethe passed the baton to Ole Flensted and his wife Aase, introducing new mobiles and new markets across the globe.

Now, Flensted Mobiles are hung in homes throughout the world, often passing them from one generation to the next. Each mobile can be fixed to the ceiling with just a small nail. 

Flensted Mobiles aren’t just made to hang in the home; they’re made in homes, too. Flensted works with “homeworkers” to assemble each mobile in their own homes, arranging periodic visits to exchange completed mobiles for new supplies produced in their Funen workshop.

The motion and simplicity of Flensted Mobiles are a perfect element to a Danish design style living room.

Now, let’s highlight each Flensted Mobile available to you in our shop.

Flensted Futura Hanging Mobile

Futura is the first design from Ole Flensted, first introduced in 1970, bringing a modern and abstract concept to the collection while still respecting the classic Flensted aesthetic. When looking at Futura, you wonder if it represents planets and their moons in motion, or rather a symbol of light and darkness.

Flensted Symphony in 3 Movements Hanging Mobile

Ole Flensted was listening to Mozart, which had him design the Symphony in 3 Movements Mobile in 1972. 

Flensted Flying Saucers II Hanging Mobile 


The saucers of this mobile are so light, the slightest breeze sets them in motion.

Flensted Counterpoint Hanging Mobile

The Counterpoint design is inspired by the musical term, defined as “the combination of two or more independent melodies into a single harmonic texture in which each retains its linear character.”

Flensted Life and Thread Hanging Mobile 

Life and Thread represents heaven and earth, night and day, light and dark, reflection and action, or balance and movement. Each element moves around each other. Its expansive size is ideal for hanging above a bed, work area, or sofa. We love its white sails and golden rods!

Flensted Airflow Hanging Mobile

Airflow by Flensted Mobiles - Authentic Scandinavian Design

Reminiscent of a spiral staircase, just a whiff of air makes the Airflow move. 

Flensted Drifting Clouds Hanging Mobile

Drifting Clouds brings the sky outdoors, transforming your room into a peaceful field of grass where you watch the clouds drift by. Each leaf is made with high-quality Finnish plywood, perfect for the modern Scandinavian design interior.

Flensted Waves Hanging Mobile 

Waves by Flensted Mobiles - Authentic Scandinavian Design

Hand folded serigraphical foil––white plastic––is suspended in gold plated stainless steel bars, inspired by the ocean’s waves and shells.

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