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Herb & Sprout Self Watering Herb Pot 11.6 x 10 - White


The Zone Denmark Self Watering Herb Pot is a cool and modern addition for anyone fond of growing fresh herbs. It's also a perfect solution for keeping flowers and house plants maintained without carving out time for daily watering.

We love how easy the self-irrigating herb pot is, and its beautiful, minimalist design makes it easy to style in many parts of the home. 

Also Available: Zone Denmark Self Watering Herb Pot 13.6 x 11.5

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Dimensions:  4.5"H x 4"W

On Order: This item is currently on order and anticipated to ship mid October

Key Features:

  • Easy view of the water level via the side notch
  • Water is distributed to plants via wicks that absorb the water from the base of the pot and reach up into the roots, thoroughly hydrating the plant
  • The Zone Denmark Self Watering Herb Pot is made of Stoneware, its neutral hues allow it to blend in with any home style

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