Zone Denmark

NOVA Toothbrush Mug Black


The Zone Denmark NOVA Toothbrush Mug is the perfect addition to any minimalistic and modern home design, providing practicality with sleek and simple style.  

The NOVA Toothbrush Mug in Black offers both beauty and functionality in any bathroom, through thoughtful and inspired design.

Winner of several international design awards, Zone Denmark products are the perfect addition to Batten Home's collection of modern bathroom accessories and fixtures.

A stylish soap dispenser that is a practical detail in the bathroom and fits into all modern homes.

Also Available: NOVA Toothbrush Mug White NOVA Toothbrush Mug Grey

Pairs Nicely With: NOVA Soap Dispenser Black

Dimensions:  4"H x 3"D

Key Features:

  • The NOVA Toothbrush Mug is made of soft touch Stoneware material, making them easy on the eye and effortless to keep clean.
  • Designed by Thomas Dudzinski Design
  • Perfect for any modern bathroom or powder room

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