Pause Dining Chair 2.0


The WOUD Pause Dining Chair 2.0 is kept to its bare minimum. The sleek lines of the seat and back are comfortably embraced by the softness of the legs and elegant joints. Created with traditional Scandinavian techniques suitable for modern spaces, the Pause is rooted in classic Scandinavian design with a new interpretation of simplicity and functionality.

Available in a multitude of earthy neutrals, the Pause 2.0 comes fully assembled with felt glides.

For added comfort, add the Pause Seat Pad or take a look at the Pause Dining Chair 2.0 with Leather Upholstery Seat.

Dimensions: 31.4"H x 18.5"D x 18.9"W | Seat Height: 18.1"

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery

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