Piippu Slow Brewer


The Skagerak Piippu Slow Brewer serves two cups of slow-brewed tea or coffee in a beautifully designed sculptural porcelain pot. Piippu is a small piece of Scandinavian minimalism – offering an alternative to the bulky and industrial kitchen equipment on offer today. The set is made up from three simple elements: dripper, lid and pot. The Piippu Slow Brewer is made of a beautiful feeling matte white porcelain ceramic with a glazed inside. The Skagerak Piippu Slow Brewer is Dishwasher-safe.

Works Beautifully with the Piippu Sugar Bowl and Piippu Milk Jug

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We recommend to use Hario V60 Coffee Paper Filter however any coffee paper Filter Cones size 2 should do the trick.

Holds 13.53oz

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