Normann Copenhagen

Part Cutting Board - Oak

$127.50 $150

The Part Cutting Boards by Normann Copenhagen were created in collaboration with designer Simon Legald. Each has its own unique design which also allows them to look great when styled solo or in sets. Simple, yet stunning design makes these oak cutting boards kitchen essentials for the modern home.

The Part Cutting Boards for both meat and bread have deep grooves that are perfect for resting a delicious steak or scooping crumbs after slicing a fresh baguette. The veggie board is solid and flat, creating the perfect ledge for perfectly sliced or diced vegetables. We love these boards styled in the kitchen but they can also easily be stored when not in use.


Veggie: .79"H x 13.78"L x 7.87"D

Bread: .79"H x 15.75"L x 9.84"D

Meat: .79"H x 17.72"L x 11.81"D

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