Normann Copenhagen

Just Barstool


The Normann Copenhagen Just barstool is a minimal, and straight forward barstool that's comfortable and visually appealing. The molded "sandwich" of hard and light veneers as well as the light steel base, which is discretely integrated in the molded shell, so that the chair naturally comes together as a whole.

Just is characterized by its subdued and harmonious idiom that makes the chair suitable for numerous environments and styles. "Just is not born out of the desire to design a different chair. On the contrary, we wanted to use innovative molding and assembly techniques to achieve an elegant and subtle result, full of hidden details. Good design does not necessarily have to make a lot of fuss - those who want to will see the details," say Iskos-Berlin.

The barstool comes in two heights and is available with and without a backrest.


Counter Height: 25.59"H x 18.3"W x 15.74"D x Seat Height: 25.59" | Weight: 13.88 lbs

Bar Height: 29.52"H x 18.7"W x 17.32"D | Seat Height: 29.52" | Weight: 14.55 lbs

Counter Height with Back: 31.49"H x 18.3"W x 16.53"D | Seat Height 25.59" | Weight 14.99 lbs

Bar Height with Back: 35.43"H x 18.7"W x 17.32"D | Seat Height: 29.52" | Weight 15.43 lbs

Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery 

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