Normann Copenhagen

Crooked Candlestick Two


The Crooked Candlestick by Normann Copenhagen is crafted through sand-casting, using aluminum or brass. After polishing, the aluminum version is painted, while the brass variant is bronzed. Available in single or double candle variants, it comes in Yellow, Grey, Warm Grey, or Bronze.

Inspired by the intersection of design, art, and architecture, it pays homage to the designer's affection for unconventional characters. Its twisted, organic shapes draw from modern staircase designs, particularly brutalist architecture.

With its poetic interplay between hard and soft, Crooked is a sculptural piece that constantly evolves, reflecting different characters from various angles. Unconventional and multifaceted, it seamlessly combines form and function in any home setting.

Dimensions: 5.31“H x 9.64“W x 7.08“D 

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 3-4 weeks

Material: Painted aluminum or Bronzed brass

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