Post Wall Lamp

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The Post Wall Lamp by MUUTO was designed by Earnest Studio as a lighting solution with creative freedom on how it can be used. The lamp is mounted using a provided magnet, which allows it to be turned, curved and styled in a number of different ways.

Its modern and imaginative design bring a playful vibe to any space its used in, we love it styled in an entryway foyer, stairway, an office or any other creative space. The MUUTO Post Wall Lamp can also be dimmed, which is great for cultivating different vibes throughout your favorite living spaces. The Post Wall Lamp looks great solo or in groups to create a flow of illumination.

The MUUTO Post Wall Lamp is made from a texturally cool combination of powder coated magnesium, acrylic, powder coated steel and powder coated plastic.

Dimensions: 2.1"H x 3.7"D | Cord Length 98.4"

Also Available: MUUTO Post Floor Lamp

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