Zet Storage Unit

$737.96 $819.95

The Zet Storage Unit by MENU is a modular shelving system that functional and minimal in design. Featuring easy assembly and the ability to quickly be disassembled and relocated whenever you want, its delicate balance of order, convenience and style is shaped from materials selected for beauty and endurance.

Based on just two components, the wooden U-shaped shelves and a metal frame construction are defined by diagonal Z-struts.

Available in 3 different frame colors and 3 different shelving finishes.


Typically ships in 5-7 days


1x2 System: 27.56"H x 60.24"W x 15.75"D

1x3 System: 44.88"H x 60.24"W x 15.75"D

1x4 System: 62.2"H x 60.24"W x 15.75"D

Weight Limit is 25 lbs. per shelf

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