Harbour Side Chair

$224.96 $249.95

The Harbour Side Chair by Menu was designed by Norm Architects as a versatile, comfortable seating option that could be used in a variety of applications.

Originally designed for the Menu Space showroom in Copenhagen, The Habour Chair quickly became a popular option for restaurants, cafes and personal spaces. 

Menu reacted to the popularity of the Harbour Chair and introduced a variety of base options and even upholstered versions of the Habour Chair which has created a chair story that can practically work in any situation. 

The Harbour Chair is currently available in 4 different leg options and 6 different shell color options.

The Harbour Side Chairs shell composition is made of a polypropylene reinforced by fiberglass. It's flexible and supportive while still being comfortable and strong enough for commercial settings.

Dimensions: 23.2"W x 22.4"D x 31.9"H | Seat Height 17.7"H

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