Eclipse Desk

$2,605.50 $2,895

The MENU Eclipse Desk was named after its concave and convex form that resembles the illuminated passage of celestial bodies in the sky.

The Eclipse Desk has a distinctive silhouette that adds a sense of drama to the organically shaped design. Crafted in solid dark-oiled oak, the sweeping tabletop is fitted with a lid that lifts to reveal a hidden storage bucket in the metal column leg, ensuring the surface of the desk remains clutter free.

Designed to stand alone as a centerpiece in the middle of a room or for placement up against a wall as a more conventional piece of furniture, its intriguing form draws the eye and invites to touch.

Dimensions: 29.53"H x 62.99"W x 31.5"L | Weight: 66 lbs

In Stock: Ships in 3-5 days from our US based warehouse

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