Kay Bojesen

Kay Bojesen Police Officer (1940)


The Policeman from Kay Bojesen was inspired by other uniformed institutions. The Policeman belongs to the same collection as the Guardsman and Postman. These uniformed wooden figurines have truly won peoples’ hearts and are now permanent features in most Danish homes. The Policeman, in black, is a timeless interior decoration. He fits particularly well in modern designer homes, but can just as easily decorate any family home. The unique and timeless Policeman is made from beech and then painted black. This delightful, uniformed wooden figure is the perfect gift for design lovers who appreciate its beauty and uniqueness.

Series: Kay Bojesen
Color: Black
Material: FSC™-certified painted beech
Height: 7.3"
Note: Wipe with a dry cloth. Do not place in direct sunlight

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