Kay Bojesen

Grand Prix Ice/Latte Spoon


The latte spoons name was originally "Toddy spoon". In the 1930s, when Kay Bojesen created the spoon, Toddy was drunk hot and the spoon was made long, so it could reach down and stir in the sugar on the bottom of the tall glass. Back then, neither cafe latte nor chai was known, and nothing was drunk from tall glasses. As people rarely drink a Toddy today, it was obvious to rename the Grand Prix spoon to "Latteske". In addition to hot drinks, the Latte spoon is also good for the ice cream dessert in the tall glasses, or for the slightly higher food jars.

Brand: Kay Bojesen
Collection: Grand Prix
Color: Steel
Material: Stainless Steel
Length: 7”
Note: Dish-washer safe
Origin: Made in Japan

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