Kay Bojesen

Grand Prix Dinner Spoon


A classic soup spoon has width to bear its load. You fill it and lift it to your mouth, but don’t bring it all the way in. The rim is straight to prevent overspill on the way.

In 1938, Kay Bojesen presented the ultimate flatware series in silver, crafted out of the belief that cutlery was a tool that should compliment, but not steal the attention at a table setting. All pieces were crafted with soft and harmonious shapes in order to fit the human hand and mouth. Functionality and aesthetics in one. In 1951, Kay Bojesen’s silverware took the first prize at the world exhibition in Milan, Italy, and was therefore named “Grand Prix”.

Brand: Kay Bojesen
Collection: Grand Prix
Color: Steel
Material: Stainless Steel
Length: 7.7”
Note: Dish-washer safe
Origin: Made in Japan

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