Kay Bojesen

Grand Prix Dinner Fork


Like all Grand Prix cutlery, the dinner fork is simple in its design language with small important details. For dinner, Kay Bojesen has not only thought of it as a fork, but a tool that can catch the food on its pointed spikes and whose head can hold a small portion. A fork needs balance and width so it can carry something. The index finger should be able to apply pressure while the knife is working in the other hand. The dinner fork has a gentle, curving handle that is held between the index and middle fingers and stabilized by the thumb. The four teeth of the dinner fork are fairly deep to accommodate most, and the teeth are separated by fine indentations, which are especially useful when there is sauce on the menu. The two outer teeth are wide to prevent the teeth from bending. Kay Bojesen shaped the tips of the four teeth angular to avoid sticking in your mouth or destroying the plate. The fork is functional as few. Functionality is the characteristic of Kay Bojesen..

Brand: Kay Bojesen
Collection: Grand Prix
Color: Steel
Material: Stainless Steel
Length: 7.4”
Note: Dish-washer safe
Origin: Made in Japan

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