Sawaru Directional Floor Lamp


The Sawaru is a sculptural lighting fixture that explores the concept of balance. This unique fixture consists of two independent cylinders that rest together at three different angles to provide a brilliant LED light source shining up on the floor. We love using this piece to highlight a special design object or work of art. 

The angle of the light can be adjusted with the pin in the extruded aluminum base. There's an option to separate the two components, installing the body of the floor lamp directly onto the floor without a base.

Sawaru features an advanced dimmer pedal on the power cord that controls light intensity and color temperature.

Designed by Japanese studio Nendo and its founder and chief designer Oki Sato, known for their surprising forms and thoughtful details.

Material: Aluminum 

Dimensions: Shade Cylinder: 6" Dia x 17"H | Base: 6" Dia | Cord Length: 98"

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-7 days

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