Noctambule Dimmable LED Pendant - Short Cylinders


Noctambule, French for 'night owl,' is a striking series of lighting fixtures designed by Konstantin Grcic. Konstantin was inspired by the movement of night owls, a creature only visible in the dark of night. Just like night owls, the transparent body of this fixture almost blends into a room when unlit, but makes its presence known when illuminated at night. 


  • Powered by LED technology
  • Dimmable lamp with controls within ceiling rose or with the pedal-enabled panel in power cord
  • Transparent hand-blown glass cylindrical body surrounded on top and at the bottom by LED technology

The Noctambule comes in a variety of options, including dome and cone-shaped heads for direct lighting and more. See the full Noctambule series, one of the most dynamic lighting fixtures from FLOS, right here.

Material: Die-cast aluminum, Blown crystal

3 Low Cylinders: 9.8" Dia x 64.2"H | Cord Length: 157.48"
4 Low Cylinders: 9.8" Dia x 72.4"H | Cord Length: 157.48"
5 Low Cylinders: 9.8" Dia x 90.2"H | Cord Length: 157.48"
6 Low Cylinders: 9.8" Dia x 107.9"H | Cord Length: 157.48"

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-7 days

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