Ferm Living.

Way Mat Sugar Kelp

$60 $75

The Ferm Living Way Mat in Sugar Kelp is the perfect mat for styling an outdoor sanctuary or an indoor living space. It's soft enough for a long nap in the sun but is durable to stand up to high traffic areas of any home.

Sustainability matters, so Ferm Living created the Way Collection using repurposed plastic bottles, woven into this modern design using two natural tones. The neutral asymmetrical fringe along two adjacent sides brings even more style to this simple yet modern design.

The entire Ferm Living Way Collection has been ethically manufactured by up cycling recycled bottles, in fact, there are 48 plastic bottles used to create each Ferm Living Way Mat.

If soiled, the Way Mat can simply be cool machine washed and laid flat to dry.

Dimensions: 27.56"W x 19.69"L

Quickship: Ships in 1-3 days from our US based warehouse

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