Ferm Living

Place Bench


The Ferm Living Place Bench features an audacious and robust expression, while the long, tranquil lines add to its simple outline based on pure geometrical components.  Made of blackened steel, it presents a surface full of character and a sturdy and durable bench. With its deliberately unbalanced composition, the exact look varies with your perspective.

The Place Bench is part of the Ferm Living Furniture Collection

On Order: This item is currently on order

Dimensions: 17.72"H x 15.75"D x 43.31"L

Key Features:

  • The Place Bench is Part of Ferm Living's 2019 Collection
  • Made of a high quality blackened steel
  • Great for hallways - The Place bench is substantial but slim
  • Useable Art - The Place Bench is a practical piece of Art!

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