Ferm Living

Kelim Rug Earth

$121.50 $135

The Ferm Living Kelim Rug in Earth is a lovely way to define a space within your home. The design showcases asymmetrically placed fringes with soft earthy colors.

Ferm Living Kelim Rugs are hand-made and each rug can differ slightly. The weaving technique is called 'Punja' loom which is a traditional and manual loom and one of the oldest weaving techniques in the world. The wool yarn is hand-dyed, and some shade variation may occur due to the nature of wool and dye.

The Kelim weave and the wool yarns have a unique, coarse feel which give the rugs a beautiful characteristic.

The Ferm Living Kelim Rug in Earth is available in 3 sizes.

Made from 80% Wool and 20% Cotton. Dry Clean Only

Dimensions: Sm 31.5" x 55.12" | Med 55.12" x 78.74 | Large 62.99" x 98.43"

In Stock: Ships in 1-3 days from our US based warehouse

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