Ferm Living

Esca Pot


The Ferm Living Esca Pot, is a unique planter with an organic shape and 3 legs. Its name, "Esca", comes from the word escalated, and with the pot's three legs lifting it off the surface, the otherwise chunky design is given a welcomed element of lightness.

Use it for favorite plants in the living room windowsill to add a whimsical touch to your green space.

Dimensions: Small: 6.57"W x 7.09"H x 6.69"D | Medium: 7.48"W x 8.27"H x 7.87"D | Large: 13.19"W x 9.45"H x 12.40"D | 12.40"W x 14.17"H x 12.01"D

Shipping Info: Quickship ships in 1-3 days from our US based warehouse. All option options ship in 3-5 days

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