Ferm Living

Check Wool Jute Rug - 200 x 300


The Check Wool Jute rug collection by Ferm Living presents a seamless fusion of wool in serene, earthy hues and authentic jute, meticulously fashioned into a timeless checkered pattern. Each rug boasts wool that's hand-carded, imparting a uniquely irregular and soothing texture, adding a tactile opulence to the ensemble. With its enduringly classic motif, the Check Wool Rug stands as a versatile essential, seamlessly enhancing diverse interior aesthetics with its subtle refinement and handcrafted allure.

Also Available: Check Wool Jute Runner, Check Wool Jute Rug - 140 x 200

Dimensions: 118.1"H x 78.7"W

Material: Hand-woven 40% wool, 40% jute and 20% cotton

Shipping Info: Orders placed today ship late May

Care Instructions: Vacuum clean only

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