Ferm Living

AniBoard - Bird


Start your day with a touch of whimsy with Ferm Living AniBoards, turning everyday kitchen tasks into moments of joy. Crafted by the talented Tina Glage, these charming wooden boards come in adorable chubby animal shapes that add a touch of fun to your morning routine.

Crafted from durable, sustainable FSC™️ certified oak, these AniBoards combine cuteness with reliability, ensuring lasting charm in your kitchen. Their clever geometric design enables effortless stacking, optimizing space in your cabinets. 

Color: Oiled Oak

Dimensions: 9.06"W x 0.47"H x 6.10"D 

Material: FSC™-certified solid oak. Oiled

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-5 days

Care instructions: Rinse in hot water on both sides. Not dishwasher safe

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