Wild Brooklyn Lavender Candle


The Wild Brooklyn Lavender Candle by D.S. & Durga is inspired by the warm weed-ridden asphalt sidewalks in Brooklyn, with distinct fragrances of lavender flowers, familiar herbs, grass and soft suede.

We love this scent in any room of the home - its warm but fresh summer smell is a reminder of days off romping around the city, exploring new place. We love it in kitchens or common rooms where it can be enjoyed by everyone who gathers in that shared space.

All D.S. & DURGA fragrances are uniquely created and inspired by music and literature, and are created to compliment your day-to-day life like your own personal theme song. Good style requires great aromas, and Wild Brooklyn Lavender by D.S. & DURGA is sure to become the signature scent of your favorite room.

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Dimensions: 4"H x 3"D | 7oz

Quickship: Ships in 1-3 business days from our US based warehouse

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