Portable Fireplace Candle


The Portable Fireplace Candle by D.S. & Durga celebrates the distinct fragrances of pine wood and cedar - with middle notes of smoke and oak ash, on top of a slightly brighter birch, tar and copaiba resin.

We love this scent in an open living space, bathroom or cozy bedroom. It's rich and woody fragrance creates the impression of a roaring fireplace in any space throughout the modern home and would be great styled alongside a lived-in leather couch with soft knit throw blankets or near a big open window with views of the outdoors. This scent is capable of making a contemporary space feel homey, warm and intimate.

All D.S. & DURGA fragrances are uniquely created and inspired by music and literature, and are created to compliment your day-to-day life like your own personal theme song. Good style requires great aromas, and Portable Campfire by D.S. & DURGA is sure to become the signature scent of your favorite room.

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Dimensions: 4"H x 3"D | 7oz

Quickship: Ships within 1-3 business days from our US warehouse

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