Lightable Latkes Candle

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The Lightable Latkes Candle by D.S. & Durga expertly captures the essence of frying latkes, gradually transforming into the delightful aroma of a gourmet latke frying in olive and peanut oil. With top notes of potato etrog and black pepper, heart notes of olive and peanut oil, and base notes of assorted tubers, it creates a warm and inviting ambiance, perfect for holidays and reliving culinary traditions.

This scent is perfect for open kitchens, and the Lightable Latkes Candle offers a hassle-free way to enjoy the comforting fragrance of latkes, evoking the heartwarming nostalgia of this cherished culinary tradition during special occasions or everyday moments.

All D.S. & DURGA fragrances are uniquely created and inspired by music and literature, and are created to compliment your day-to-day life like your own personal theme song. Good style requires great aromas, and D.S. & DURGA candles are sure to become the signature scent in any modern home.

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Dimensions: 4"H x 3"D | 7oz

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